Below are three examples of CASPer scenarios. Two of them are video-based, and one of them is word-based. The real CASPer test consists of a combination of video-based and word-based scenarios. The scenarios presented here will help to illustrate the type of content you would expect to see on a real CASPer test.

If you would like to run through a test that mimics the real CASPer test experience, please refer to the CASPer System Requirements Check. You will need to signup for a CASPer account first.

Video-based scenario 1:

Your role is the more experienced employee

Questions to the Applicant:

1. What do you tell the other employee – go ahead and give the refund or abide by store policy? Justify your answer.

2. Assume you advise the newer employee not to give the refund, but she does anyway. Do you report this to your supervisor? Why or why not?

3. If you were asked to establish a policy for a new store around refunds, what aspects would you take into consideration?