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Casper Suite for GME

Casper Suite for Graduate Medical Education

Casper Suite for Graduate Medical Education (GME) is a set of selection tools run and developed by Altus Assessments Inc. This cycle, select residency programs will pilot Casper Suite for GME in their admissions process to: 

  • assess and understand your alignment to their program
  • give you the opportunity to showcase your communication skills and non-cognitive skills, such as empathy, ethics, and professionalism
  • aid in developing a holistic understanding of you as an individual applicant.

One or more GME programs you are applying to are piloting Casper Suite for selection into the academic year of 2021-2022. Register for Casper Suite for GME here.


You must complete Casper Suite by November 24, 2020

If you have reserved and/or completed your Casper test, but have yet to complete Snapshot or Duet, please note you now have until November 24, 2020. This is a final chance to complete all components of the Casper Suite to be provided to programs in time.

Want to know:

What is Casper Suite for GME?

Participating Programs for Selection into the Training Year of 2021-2022

How to Prepare for and Complete Casper Suite for GME

Learn More through Webinars and Sessions


What is Casper Suite for GME:


Casper Test

Casper Test, a situational judgement test (SJT)

Casper Test evaluates professionalism and non-cognitive skills such as collaboration, motivation, ethics, and empathy

When: Available test dates are Oct. 20 (8:00 PM EDT), Oct. 25 (1:00 PM or 4:00 PM EDT), or Oct. 29 (8:00 PM EDT) —click here to reserve your spot at least 3 days in advance of the test.

Time Commitment: Approx. 80 minutes in length & must be taken during your reserved test date and time

Format: 12 sections comprised of video-based scenarios and written scenarios followed by three open-ended questions requiring typed responses

Learn more about Casper Test


Snapshot, a one-way video response tool

Snapshot is a one-way recorded interview designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your personal attributes to the programs you are applying to, particularly during this time where in-person communication is difficult.

When: Complete by Nov 24, 2020. Must have Casper Test reservation to access.

Time Commitment: Approx. 10-15 minutes in length (with unlimited time for practice questions)

Format: 3 one-way questions with 2 minutes to record each video response

Learn more about Snapshot


Duet, a value alignment assessment

Duet is designed to compare the alignment of the values that matter most to you in a residency program with those of the program(s) that you are applying to.

When: Complete by Nov 24, 2020. Must have Casper Test reservation to access.

Time Commitment: Approx. 15-20 minutes in length 

Format: 30 program characteristics are compared in pairs across 3 categories, with no time limits

Participating Programs for Selection into Training the Year of 2021-2022

Family Medicine:

General Surgery:

Internal Medicine:





How to Prepare for Casper Suite for GME


  • Complete the system requirements check available in your account 
  • Use the 12-section practice test to familiarize yourself with the format of the test and to practice typing out responses
  • Ensure your computer system is ready on the day of the test by following our tech tips


  • Use the 2 practice questions to not only test your system but to also practice recording yourself and to get comfortable responding in front of your webcam
  • Consider dressing as if you would to an informal interview and avoid wearing bright colors or patterns, as they can be distracting for those reviewing your video responses
  • Try to pick a neutral backdrop for your Snapshot setting, if possible


  • There is no prior preparation needed for Duet
  • Ensure you take your time on the reflection pages to fully read through and understand all 10 of the characteristics, and their definitions, listed out in each category 
  • Use your gut or intuition when choosing between characteristics, you are not meant to spend long considering each pairing.

Be yourself for all three components! Programs want to get to know you for who you are.

How to Complete Casper Suite for GME

  1. Create a Casper Account. Visit the Account Registration page.  Please use the same email you used when creating your ERAS application. There is no fee to reserve your test date or to complete any portion of Casper Suite for GME. 
  2. Reserve your Casper Test Date and Time. Visit the Reservation page. After selecting your country, select “Graduate Medical Education,” then choose your program(s). Select your preferred Casper Test date and time and note them on your calendar.
  3. Check your systems requirements in advance.
  4. Recommended: Complete practice questions for Snapshot and the Sample Casper Test. Our research shows that applicants who complete the sample Casper Test generally perform better on the test.
  5. Complete Snapshot. Enter your account to complete the Snapshot one-way video interview (10 minutes, with unlimited practice time). See the FAQ below for tips and tricks.
  6. Complete Duet. Enter your account to complete the Duet assessment (15-20 minutes).
  7. Complete Casper Test on your reserved date. Enter your account to complete this 80-minute test during your selected time and date.
  8. Complete Casper Test, Duet, and Snapshot by Nov. 24, 2020. After this date, programs will be reviewing your Casper Suite for GME data together with your application through ERAS.



Create your Casper AccountReserve Your Casper Test Date

Learn More

Casper Suite for GME Pilot Project – Applicant Information Webinar
Watch Dr. Kelly Dore, co-founder of Altus Assessments and Leigh Masotti, Operations Manager walk through the Casper Suite for GME pilot details in this 30-minute informative webinar.


Have more questions?

We held a Q&A session for applicants on October 16th and October 23rd. Below you will find the recording of October 23rd’s Q&A session:




For FAQs specific to the Casper Test click here and for Snapshot click here.