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Can I take CASPer more than once in the same admissions cycle?

Applicants are not permitted to take a CASPer test for the same test type (e.g. Canadian Professional Health Sciences, US Medicine, Australian Postgraduate Education, etc.) more than once per admissions cycle.

This is because some programs use the same CASPer test score multiple times throughout a single admissions cycle. For example, if an applicant took the Canadian Post Graduate Medical Education test for the CaRMS Round 1 match, the same CASPer score will be considered for the Round 2 match. This also applies to programs using CASPer for their initial application decisions as well as instead of a Multi Mini Interview (MMI) or in-person interview. In these cases, applicants do not need to take two CASPer tests for the same test type; the results from their CASPer test will be applicable for all admissions considerations for the duration of that admissions cycle, so long as the programs are added to their score distribution list.

Please note that CASPer results are only valid for a single admissions cycle, and only for the test type and test language for which you have taken the test. You will need to take a separate CASPer test for future admissions cycles or programs requiring different test types, including for programs offered in different countries or languages.

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Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash