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Steps to Reserve Your CASPer Test

At this point, you have registered for your CASPer account, verified your email address, and submitted your ID for verification, but what’s next? Well, now you need to reserve your test. In an effort to make things as smooth as possible, we have outlined all of the steps below.

Reserving Your Test

To begin, login to your CASPer account, click ‘+ Reserve new test’, select the country which the program(s) you are applying to reside in, and the language you would like to use when taking the CASPer test, if applicable. Keep in mind, if you are applying to programs offered in different countries, you must take a separate test for each country. This is because test content is unique to each country.

Selecting Your Admission Cycle

Select the admissions cycle for your program. This step is very important, as all payments are nonrefundable. Applicants are only permitted to take a CASPer test type once per admissions cycle and CASPer scores are only valid for one admissions cycle. If you have any questions about reserving a test, you can reach out to the CASPer support team at any time via the orange chat bubble located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen in your CASPer account or on

Choosing Your Program(s)

Next, you will need to select the test type for your program. Ensure you reserve the correct test by verifying the test type required for your program(s) on our ‘Dates and Fees’ page. CASPer scores are only valid for the test type (e.g. Australian Undergraduate Teacher Education) for which you have taken the test. You will need to take a separate test for different test categories or future admissions cycles.

Your Distribution List

It’s time to add programs to your distribution list. If you are unsure about all of the programs you will be applying to, that’s not a problem. Applicants can add programs later, even after you have completed your test.

Student/Application ID

Depending on the programs you have added to your distribution list, you may be required to provide an application or a student ID number. We advise applying to programs before reserving your test, as all of the fees are nonrefundable.

Choosing Your Test Date

Here you can select the date and time for your test. All dates are chosen well in advance of the application cycle by your programs and the CASPer team, meaning we cannot accommodate individual schedules.


To pay you will need a credit card. We do not accept any debit cards (ie. Visa debit or Mastercard debit.) Once you review your order and complete your payment, you have reserved your test!