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CASPer is Not a Pass or Fail Test

Many applicants ask whether or not they passed their CASPer test. CASPer, like the MCAT, SAT and LSAT, is not a pass or fail test. It measures your personal skills in relation to the entire applicant pool.

It is up to the individual programs to determine how they will incorporate the CASPer score into their application decisions, meaning every school may use the scores differently. That means that the same CASPer score may be competitive for one program but less competitive for another. The influence of the score also depends on the competitiveness of the applicant pool for each individual program.

Your CASPer test is evaluated by a group of individuals called “CASPer raters”. Each section of the test is scored by a unique rater, making the CASPer score a robust measure made up of 12 independent impressions of you. To learn more about how the CASPer test is evaluated, click here. 

In order to successfully take the CASPer test, you are strongly encouraged to carefully watch the videos and read the word-based scenarios and questions, draw upon your life experiences, and be your authentic self.

If you have any questions or need help adding identification requirements to your CASPer account, please contact CASPer support using the orange chat bubble located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen in your CASPer account or on