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How Should I Study for the CASPer Test?

Taking an exam can be quite nerve-wracking for many people, especially when the stakes are high. Even though studying hasn’t shown drastically improve CASPer scores, we’ve presented a number of strategies to help you calm down and feel more prepared to take the test.

We now also have some data to back us up. In the past year, we sent a follow-up survey to all our test-takers about various study strategies they’ve used to help them prepare for the CASPer test. Based on U.S. medical school applicant data (N = 4,832 respondents), below is a breakdown of the different ways students prepared in the recent test cycle:

The least popular strategies were a) participating in a test preparation course, b) rehearsing responses with technology (e.g., practicing typing), c) researching responses without technology (e.g., simulation scenarios with peers), and d) coming up with potential questions based on the CASPer competencies (which this year for 2019-2020 cycle has been restructured into a honeycomb). It is important to mention that we DO NOT provide any in-house CASPer preparation test courses, and we do not endorse any company which provides these services.

The most popular strategies were a) reading the TakeCASPer tips for applicants and b) completing the practice tests on the website. Interestingly, many applicants also indicated that they did not prepare at all for the CASPer test.

We then paired the different strategies with student’s actual CASPer scores and found that just two of the strategies seemed to make a consistent difference in increasing CASPer scores – 1) completing the practice CASPer test on the website, and 2) reading the TakeCASPer Tips for Applicants. It is important to note though that, on average, these study strategies increased CASPer scores by .16 and .17 points, respectively. Given that CASPer scores are z-scores which generally fall in the range between -3.00 and +3.00 points, even the most effective study strategies seem to make a very small difference in CASPer scores.

Bonus – 12-Section Practice Test Now Available! 

Starting this year, we are providing applicants with a full 12-section practice test. This allows you to become more familiar with the test format and get a sense of what it will really feel like to take the CASPer test. This practice test can be found in the CASPer System Requirements Check, accessed through your TakeCASPer account, and can be taken as many times as you’d like.