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CASPer Accommodations Policy and Procedure

If you are taking the CASPer test as part of the application process for your post-secondary, or postgraduate program, you are eligible to request accommodations. This article will touch on the Accommodations Policy and Procedure as well as outline a few of the possible accommodations for the CASPer test.

All accommodation requests are processed on a case by case basis by the CASPer team, and because of this, we require that requests are submitted at least 3 weeks* prior to the time of your scheduled test. This provides time for us to review the documents and make a decision on the appropriate testing accommodation. If your request is submitted with less than three weeks remaining before your desired test date, we will be unable to process your accommodations and you may have to register for another test date that is 3 or more weeks away, if available.

* Exceptions to the 3 week submission timeline and document requirements may be made in extreme circumstances (eg. The second iteration of the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) CASPer test in early March, medical emergencies, or for cases relating to COVID-19).  

Applicants in these circumstances are encouraged to reach out to the CASPer support team about their accommodations needs as soon as possible and ask for more information.

Some examples of available accommodations for CASPer are:

  • Extended time
  • Closed-captioned videos
  • Assistive software (i.e. speech to text)
  • Assistive personnel (i.e. scribe and/or reader)

To access the CASPer Accommodations Request Form as well as additional information on how to submit an accommodations request, please click HERE.

When it comes to submitting your documents, you can do so via email to or request a link from the CASPer Support Team where they can be uploaded to a secure encrypted folder.

Please note that all documents submitted are strictly confidential and will only be used to determine accommodation decisions. Your accommodation status will not be shared with the Academic Program you have applied for, or anyone evaluating your test.