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Tips to Help You Better Prepare for the CASPer Test

Taking a test can cause a lot of anxiety for many students, especially when a test is high-stakes, such as a final exam or for medical school admissions. If you are one of those students, you are not alone. It is estimated that about 16-20% of students experience high test anxiety and many more experience moderate to high levels of anxiety, which can make students “blank” on tests – which can be particularly troubling if you are limited by time. There are many resources available online (like here and here) to help you calm some of the anxiety, and in this post, we provide a number of additional tips to help you specifically for the CASPer® test.

While there isn’t very much you can really do to study for the CASPer® test, feeling more prepared can help you reduce some of the anxiety. Here are some tips for you to help you experience a smoother test-taking experience.

Preparing for the test:

  • Do not leave the account registration and test reservation process until the very last minute! Please make sure to register for your test at least three days before your preferred test date and time to account for account verification and payment processing timelines.
  • Take the sample test found in your CASPer account. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the format of the test, and give you a better sense of what 5 minutes feels like in a high-pressure situation. 5 minutes often “feels” much faster when you are pressed for time, so it is helpful to keep track of how much you are able to write within that time.
  • Complete the CASPer System Requirements Check (found on your reservation page) once you sign up for your CASPer®test account to ensure that you meet all the necessary technical requirements to take the CASPer®test. You are required to have a functional front-facing webcam (you can test your webcam here), a reliable high-speed internet connection of at least 1.5 MB/s (you can check your internet speed here), the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (update your browser here), and working speakers or headphones to hear the audio. It is a good idea to have both Chrome and Firefox installed in case you need to use a backup. Please note that all other browsers (e.g. Safari, Explorer, Edge, etc.), Smartphones, and Tablets do not support the CASPer website.  
  • On the day of your test, log-in to your CASPer account approximately thirty-minutes before your scheduled test time. Then, go to the testing page and wait for the countdown timer to expire. Once expired, click the ‘Start’ button that will appear. This will enable you to start your test. Please note that you will only have 15 minutes to click the ‘Start’ button.

During the test:

  • Take the test in a quiet and comfortable environment. One of the advantages of an online test is that you are free to take the test anywhere of your choosing, so if you feel most comfortable taking the test on the couch in your living room while sipping on some warm coffee, feel free to do so! But just make sure to take the test alone, as you are not allowed to have any assistance during the test.
  • The test is composed of 8 video-based sections where you will be presented with a short video clip and 4 word-based sections where you will be presented with a short text prompt. You will not be able to rewind or pause the video, so make sure to pay close attention. The video clips are very short, so you will not need to keep track of too much information.
  • For each of the 12 sections, you will be asked to respond to three questions. Make sure to read over all three questions so you can plan your time accordingly to effectively answer all the questions. The test will skip right to the next section when your 5-minute time is up. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to finish your last sentence, this is a very common occurrence and raters are well-aware that students are usually pressed for time when completing the test.
  • There is an optional 10-minute break at the halfway point of your test for you to stretch, take a bathroom break, or grab something to drink. You are allowed to do anything you’d like during this time, aside from talking to another test-taker or discussing the contents of the test with anyone else.

After the test:

  • Your scores will be automatically distributed to your selected programs in about 3 weeks after you have completed the CASPer® test. After selecting your program(s), there is nothing else you need to do.
  • Please do not discuss or share the content of the test with anyone else. If someone you know is interested in finding out what kind of a test you wrote, feel free to send them to the to take a look at the sample scenarios. If you have any concerns or notice any potential violations of the terms and conditions of CASPer®, contact
  • Celebrate! Completing an application can be a long and arduous process, but make sure to reward yourself along every step of the way.

We hope these tips will help you better prepare for test day. Students generally find the CASPer® test to be much less intense than other standardized tests like the MCAT and results from our exit survey show that students are generally happy with the content and the delivery of the test.

We are continuously using your feedback to improve the test experience, so feel free to send us any questions or comments you have to the @take_CASPer twitter account! This is where we will share additional tips and resources to help you better prepare for the CASPer® test.