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How is your CASPer test scored?

So you’ve taken your CASPer test – what’s next?

CASPer tests are evaluated by a group of individuals called “raters.” CASPer raters are recruited from various backgrounds and professions, but share an intrinsic interest in helping to identify well-rounded students that would make great professionals.

Once invited to rate, raters are assigned to a particular scenario from a CASPer test and provided with relevant instructions and background knowledge about the topic at hand. Once prepared, raters are served responses to rate. It’s important to note that no rater will ever score an applicant more than once. As such, an applicant’s final score always consists of 12 unique rater impressions. This allows us to dilute any bias that one rater’s subjectivity may bring to the table.

There is a 3-week turnaround time for CASPer test scores to be delivered to programs. Applicants indicate which programs they’d like their score sent to and we take care of the rest!