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CASPer Information Webinar – June 1, 2018

Questions collected during the webinar can be found here.

This webinar highlights several frequently asked questions and tips to maximize your success on the CASPer test.

It covers:

  • An introduction to CASPer and brief history of the test
  • Why programs have chosen to use CASPer and which ones have made it a requirement
  • Logistics of the CASPer test and what to expect
  • How CASPer is scored
  • How the CASPer test benefits you in the admissions process and beyond
  • How you can prepare yourself for test day – 8 tips

Applicant feedback:

“I initially did not want to take this test and was worried about it, but after watching the webinar and doing some sample questions, I’m glad a school I’m applying to requires this. I think it’s good insight into personal characteristics and I hope it helps me, especially since my GPA is not perfect.”

“I am glad I attended this webinar!! It was extremely helpful and answers the majority of my questions!!!”

“Thank you for hosting this.”